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Welcome to the Mäusebunker Bend, a short but powerful "inception-like" VR experience that bends this brutalist building up and over your head. 

A great experience for VR newbies to showcase the power of virtual reality, binaural audio, and Photogrammetry reconstruction.     


- world bending and cinematic music to establish an awe-spiring atmosphere.  

- a detailed photogrammetry scan of the famous Mäusebunker , which is at risk of being demolished. 

- binaural audio capture on site for extra immersion 

Source Code + Assets



- Created by Shahriar Shahrabi and Azad Balabanian

- VR Development: Shahriar Shahrabi and Azad Balabanian

- Photogrammetry: Azad Balabanian

- Music: Azad and Nerses Balabanian

- Binaural audio: Azad Balabanian, Violet Cortez, Vladimir Ständer

- Additional textures from Rob Tuytel from HDRI Haven https://texturehaven.com/tex/?t=bark_brown_02


Mausebunker Bend v01.zip 158 MB

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